My vision

So I’m on my first step!  Define a Vision.  What result do I expect from this web site?  Hmmmm.  Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.14.30 PMAbout the house:  I want people to see what’s possible, to be inspired, to try something at their house.  About my consulting/designing:  I want people to schedule a design consultancy, to see that they need a design,   About workshops:  sign up for workshops, sell the idea of needing permaculture knowledge.

I would like to have them stop in once a month—once a week would be better, but I’m not sure I can keep up with that.

My audience:

House:   architects, do it yourselfers, environmentalists, landscapers, etc.  People who want to tour it

Consulting—people who need help designing systems—properties?

Workshops—people who want to learn how to do things.


BUILDING UP MY CAPITALScreen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.03.17 PM


SOCIAL CAPITAL:  Can I build connections between the people who visit my site? I can for sure build loyalty.


I need $10,000 a year profit or more…..

LIVING CAPITAL – What needs to be nurtured?  I guess if I did a weekly blog that would be nurturing?

Intellectual– I will need to give quality info on the site

Spiritual Capital?  Interesting.  Should I be looking for spiritual capital?  Maybe that means making people care about my website???

Cultural Capital: nothing like a good story.   So….what does that mean?  I really like telling funny stories about what happens while living in the house.  So…I wonder if I need to have the funny story blog and then the teaching blog??? Interesting.

Where are the edges?  Where’s the creativity?  What do I want to learn next?


PERMACULTURE ETHICS- Care of the earth needs to be on the front cover.

Care of people needs to be inbedded

Sharing the surplus needs to also be evident and the surplus is knowledge.  Be the elder.