Climbing the mountain after dark

I felt I had a good vision of how I wanted my client’s web site to look like.  I decided to try working on it in WordPress and not on the University’s server.  Guess what I discovered?  I had purchased a domain host on “” and not “”   OH SO SILLY. doesn’t let you do ANYTHING.  When I realized that my was hosted at the .org site and that’s what I was expecting to use for my business web site, I had a plan.

I thought the easiest thing to do, would be to migrate my domain name over to  I was following simple instructions….really…I was.  Suddenly I could get into neither web site.  ARG!!!

I spent about 2 hours with the support team at and even THEY couldn’t untangle the two sites.  The only option was to blow up my site and start over!  Yes, from scratch.  Luckily I had exported files before I started messing with things.  Turns out all that really saved was my blogs.  The rest is toast.  🙁

My site ( won’t let me leave and migrate over to the .org site until the last day of November.  Apparently there’s some law that you have to stay with a host for at least 60 days.  So I’m waiting to have both sites on the hosting site.  I have to report that GO DADDY support was overly helpful and funny and patient, etc.  I had to talk with them since they are my hosts.

In the meantime my site has a lot of wierd stuff on it since it tried to merge with the site.  I will have to try straightening that out today.  Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE doing this???  Egads!

NOW……maybe I can start again?  (I’ll work on my later.)