The First Third

I have to be honest and tell you that I can’t remember what the first third of the text said.  My eyes skimmed over it smoothy like a flat rock skipping across the river, only to touch down every so often and then keep flying.  It was flat water reading, the kind that is slow and boring and you’ve heard it before….just paddle…the current is coming….maybe around the next bend.

Truth is, I don’t believe what it was saying.  Technology is a tool, but it is NOT the same as human connection.  It is not the end-all answer to education.  The hope is that we can plug students into the machine and keep them from disenfranchising from the system we call schooling, but it doesn’t really help with life.  Does it?  It doesn’t help you get along with your family or treat your kids well, it doesn’t take your dog for a walk or plant a garden for you.  So…..I was skimming.

I opened the text today, where I apparently left off.  I had no recollection of anything before it, but it caught my eye and I began to read a little more deeply than I had.  Maybe I missed the context.



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